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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

5 Ways To Eat More Greens

Everyone wants to look like Popeye right? A little bit of spinach (out of a can? if I recall?) and he turned into a muscley hunk and saved the day. I’ve been eating spinach on a consistent basis for the past few years and I must say that doesn’t happen all of the time but I […]

Aim Higher

Now we are back into full swing! The gyms are definitely busier, people are running/cycling/walking more. It’s great! It’s even getting a little bit lighter during the days. I’m lucky to work with some pretty amazing people week in week out. Inspiring people who in the face of stress, serious illness, relationship problems, job problems, […]

Have The Chocolates Gone? (TRY A FREE FITNESS CLASS)

So the first full week of the New Year is over!! How you all feeling? It’s a funny and sometimes daunting time of year. Reflecting on what went on last year and looking ahead to this year. The whole experience can leave you exciting and optimistic as you look forward or nervous and pessimistic. Which […]