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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"

Nikos Karantzakis

What A Fantastic Year!

Hey! I’m in a happy moody today (I am usually in a happy mood in all honesty) Thursday we celebrated with our Christmas party. It’s only the second year I’ve done this so it’s one of the only times my clients and I have seen each other without workout clothes! Was a great night I handed […]

Short Of Ideas? The Perfect Christmas Gift

The big day is now less than 2 weeks away! This year has flown by, I’ve had an awesome 2018 and hope that you have too. I’m never one for New Year Resolutions but I have big aspirations for next year in both my personal life as well as my business. There’s plenty more things on […]

How To Avoid Feeling More Stuffed Than The Christmas Turkey

January is a busy old time in the fitness industry. People feeling bloated and fat returning to the gyms and taking up exercise after fattening themselves up in December. Much to the regular gym users dismay. Advent calendars, Christmas parties, nights out, Christmas meals… I even read that some people consume a whopping 7000 calories […]