We Are Still Open! (Would You Like To Take A Look Inside Our New Gym)

Hi Jamie, And by new gym I do mean my living room, maybe my kitchen or if the weather’s good then my garden! So due to lockdown measures I have moved our whole business online, it’s going really really well! To see that it’s achievable to do at home I (or a member of the […]

Big Big News (My Biggest Yet)

As you know I’ve been mentioning that a few changes are happening at my studio in Bynea, Llanelli. Well now it’s official and I can share the new news with you. I am delighted to say that to further grow as a business and to allow myself and my business to help change the lives […]

The Number 1 Exercise

If there was one particular exercise you could do, only one what would it be? Don’t pick an easy one, think what would give you the most benefits if you could do only one? The SQUAT It’s gotta be number one, I would say maybe the deadlift second place but for me it’s the squat […]