Andre McPherson

Name: Andre McPherson         Age: 39

From: Llanelli                         Package: 12 Week Body Transformation


  • To rediscover the passion and enjoyment of exercising
  • Improve half marathon time
  • Drop body fat levels and improve physique 



Week 1 Week 12 Results
Weight (kg) 81kg 69.3kg -11.7
Body Fat % 22.80% 16.50% -6.30%
Girth Cm:
Upper Arm 28 26 -2
Chest 99 93 -6
Waist 96 83 -13
Thigh 56 52 -4
Calf 35 36 +1
Total -24cm/9.5″
Fitness Tests 
Bleep Test L4.2 L7.7 +3.5
Burpees in 1 Minute 10 22 +12
Squats in 1 Minute 35 45 +10
Plank Hold Max 90s 180s +90s

What Andre Had To Say:

Taken to new heights

When I came to Jamie, I had been running for several years not really pushing myself. So I decided to tone up and get faster to be in the best condition of my life at 40. I was 22% body fat and 12.5 stone, running half marathons in 2.5 hours. He started by helping me see my body in a new light, and enjoyed training again. He made it fun though setting targets as well a mixing up the exercises. He has got me in to sprinting, I am 15.5% body fat and 10.7 stone. We have a laugh as I get fitter. Use him you wont regret it.


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