Christine Mackey

Name: Christine Mackey                    Age: 46

From: Swansea                                  Package: 12 Week Fitness Goal Package


Christine came to me with the goal of being able to run the marathon across the Great Wall of China. This marathon is considered as one of the hardest marathons in the world. Christine had never previously run a marathon. There are many uphill and step sections of the marathon which is why Christine came to me. For 12 weeks we focused on building up Christine’s leg strength and endurance with outdoor hill sessions to prepare for the uphill parts of the race.

As you can see from the picture Christine completed the marathon.


What Christine had to say:

I’m not an athlete, but having done a few half marathons I fancied having one go at the big one. Being not of sane mind a chose an adventure marathon along the Great Wall of China, over 5,000 steps and lots of hills. I needed someone to help me prepare, someone who could make sure I trained, and would push me hard, but no so hard I ended up injured. Jamie was recommended to me and fitted the bill, pushing and encouraging me at the same time. I completed the marathon and was on cloud nine for weeks, I couldn’t have done it without Jamie’s help.

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