Cut Out The Toxins

I’m very conscious of not overloading you with too much information at this early stage but there is something I need to draw your attention to. This is something which has a major impact on our health.

Sadly the world we live in can sometimes take our ability to be healthy, temporarily out of our hands through the foods we eat, the products we use, the water we drink and even the air we breathe.

This is due to the harmful toxins which are present everywhere in the world today. Nearly every product we buy can contain potentially harmful toxins which have a negative effect on your body. They are all around you (in your food, water, air) and inside you (as waste products of metabolism). Your body eliminates most toxins but the rest are stored within the body as fat.

Food is one of the biggest source of toxins and luckily one we can control, but it does take effort. Toxins are very common in cheap processed packaged food. Lots of these toxins entered the supermarket as “helpful” time saving, longer lasting wonder products which we as a society welcomed with open arms because we are so busy.

To ensure long term health you need to sacrifice an extra 10-20 minutes every meal to preparing proper food using fresh ingredients. In your food plan I have given you there is no processed food, just natural ingredients to help limit the amounts of toxins in your body.

So what do these toxins do?

Toxins aren’t particularly harmful as a one off but when we are in contact with them day in day out is when we have ourselves a problem.

These stored toxins combined with stress can affect your health in very unpleasant ways:
– Weight Gain
– Headaches
– Feelings of fatigue and weakness
– Heartburn
– Sore muscles and skin
– Joint Pains

How many of you experience some of these problems?

So in order to regain control of our health we need to rid our body of these harmful toxins.

The best way to do this is through a period of detoxification which I would recommend all of you do.

A detox will help you to eliminate these symptoms, initially you may experience headaches or sore muscles, but this is just a result of your body getting rid of so many toxins at once. These symptoms will soon go as you start to become healthier.

As you are beginning an exercise program doing this alongside a full detox diet would be too much, but through the exercise program you will be following and the foods you are eating you will be detoxifying the body and improving your bodies ability to function optimally which will really boost your health.

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