Why You Should Lift Weights

There is a common misconception that weight training is only for men who want to get big. This is bulls**t really, as you know as you are a few weeks into your programme which contains a lot of resistance stuff (weights, press ups etc.). Every single person can benefit from resistance and strength training.

For amazing results you need to eat well, have a good cardio training program and do some form of resistance training.

I know at first most females are daunted and have no interest in strength training. It could be down to apprehension and low confidence. It can be quite a daunting place going into the weights room with sweaty men with big weights!

I think another big reason why many people don’t use weights and strength training is lack of knowledge, lack of knowledge of the techniques as well as lack of knowledge on the full benefits of strength training.

You will not be able to get anywhere near the full benefits of strength training with cardiovascular training alone. Your muscles and bones are vital to your overall health and they should be trained.

Strength training helps us to increase muscle mass, burn calories and increase your metabolism.

Did you know that in most cases when you step off a CV machines your body will stop burning calories, after a strength training session your body will carry on burning calories for hours!

Strength training also helps to slow down and halt the muscle losses that you will get as you age, keeping you in much better condition for longer.

I’ll just quickly go through a few more benefits for you:
• Increase bone density
• Improved flexibility
• Improves blood pressure
• Improves muscular endurance and strength
• Improves mood and brain function
• Improved co ordination, appearance and balance.

The purpose of this info is just to strengthen your belief as to why you are training the way that you are. You can’t get your ideal body through healthy eating and cardio alone.

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