Get Fit In Five Minutes

We live in a super busy world.

I myself am a bit short of time today so I just wanted to give you a quick article with some quick workouts to do when you are on the run.

These workouts take around 5 minutes and require no equipment.

There are perfect if you haven’t got time to make it to the gym, they can all be done at home, in the park or even at work.

Here we go.

1. Press ups followed by Tricep dips.

Start with 10 reps of each, then 9, 8, 7 and go all the way down to 1. Guaranteed to get the heart racing and a good burn in the chest and triceps. 



Star jumps – 30s

Squats – 30s

Mountain climbers – 30s

Press ups – 30s                    Rest 30s and repeat



Squats – 30s

Squat jumps – 30s

Burpees – 30s

High knees – 30s                 Rest 30s and repeat



Plank – 60s

Side plank left – 45s

Side plank – 45s                x 2 



Atl leg lunges – 60s

Boxing upper cuts – 45s

Jab, cross punch 2 squats – 45s      x 2



One leg deadlift – 10 each side

Wide leg squat – 10

High knees – 20

Leg raise holds – 10s x 3       Repeat another 2 times


7. Outdoors

Jog 45s

Sprint 15s x 5 



Jabs – 60s

Upper cuts – 45s

Cross punches – 45s      Repeat x 2 


9. Hill Run

Find a hill with 3 lamposts (markers)

Sprint to first one, jog back, 2nd one jog back, 3rd, 2nd and 1st to finish.



Start jumps

Cross ski

Press ups

Burpees         15s each exercise x 5 


So there you have 10 quick workouts to do at anytime during the day when you are busy.

Honestly who doesn’t have 5 minutes to exercise.

No excuses.

Jamie Stedman

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