10 Reasons Why I Try And Live A Healthy Life

Hey there,
Hope you’re surviving the sprinter (spring/winter), it’s ridiculous. I’m usually in my shorts now until November, sadly the knees are still out of sight.
But I did say next Monday will be the last time I wear trousers to work (in exchange for shorts don’t worry) so I’m hoping that the beast from the east stays where it is.
What I’ve realised over the past few years in the industry is that majority of people know the basics when it comes to being healthy.
Most people know that pizza is bad for weight loss and vegetables are good.
Most people know that exercise is good for your health and sitting on your ass is not.
Yet why do so many people make the wrong decisions day in day out.
Here are my 10 reasons why I try and live a health life:
1. I Feel Good – I honestly feel 100 times better when I’m following my healthy routine. More energy, more drive, more productive.
2. I Feel Happier – It’s hard to be happy when you’re sluggish, unproductive, bloated etc.
3. It Allows Me To Do What I Do – Clients at 6ish am every morning, sometimes don’t finish until 8pm. A healthy life allows me to do this, and to do it well. Not dragging myself through every day living for the weekend.
4. I Sleep Better – Bad foods, no exercise, more alcohol and caffeine = bad sleep. We thrive off 7-9 hours sleep, if you have less then you’re up against it.
5.  I Rarely Get Ill – Yep, stronger immune system helps to fight off common coughs an colds (and more serious things too)
6. I See Progress – What’s more motivating than seeing you change your body shape for the better?
7. It Shall Hopefully Allow Me To Live Longer – Self explanatory
8. I Can Eat Chocolate & Ice Cream – Unfortunately for me my two favourite treats. Being healthy 90% of the time allows me to enjoy stuff like this on the weekend and not see my progress slip
9. It Helps Me Build A Rewarding Career – What’s less motivating than an out of shape and unhealthy health coach/trainer?
10. I Love It – I love how it makes me feel. Energy throughout the day, build good relationships with people, help my clients.
Those are my reasons, I know many of you will be on the way to hopefully feeling like I do. Maybe some of you have let it slip and need to get back on track.
No matter where we’re currently at there’s always room for a bit of an improvement.
If you want a little help whether it’s:
– 1-2 coaching from £125 per month
– small group training £40 per month
– slimming club £25 every 4 weeks
Then just click reply and say what option you need more info about and I’ll be in touch.
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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