10 Tips For Fast Fat Loss

Okay lads and ladies.
Just a quickie today, I know you want your 10 fat loss tips so I won’t anger you by telling you about my busy week or what I’ve had for breakfast this morning 😉
Here goes:
1. Drink – Water that is! Loads of the stuff. 2-3 litres you should be consuming. If you’re not then you’re up against it when it comes to weight loss, plus you’ll be dehydrated which is bad.
2. Get Some Green On Your Plate – Get some green vegetables with every meal, contains a tonne of goodness and aids with digestion.
3. Veg Veg Veg – While we’re on the subject, not just green veg, they play such an important role in your body. Get your 5 a day, just be careful with the starchy veg like potatoes and even some root veg such as carrots and swede.
4. Activity Dependent – Think of your body like a car and carbs like fuel. The more you drive the more fuel you need, the less you drive (sitting on your ass) the less fuel (carbs) you need.
5. Fill Up On Fats – Don’t avoid fats. They’re part of a healthy balanced diet, fish, eggs, nuts, Greek yoghurt are your best sources.
6. Get Moving – You don’t have to kill yourself in fitness classes or bust our the burpees. Just try and do some form of activity most days of the week. Be creative.
7. Don’t Leave It To Chance – If you have a busy life and never take food to work, never plan your meals, often eat out then any weight loss attempts will be tough. Plan and prepare your meals – it’s cheaper and the absolute key to success.
8. Supplement – Being deficient in certain things can put you on the back foot and negatively affect your attempts at getting a kick ass body! Fish oils, vitamin d and vitamin c are 3 very important things to supplement with.
9. 7 Hours Plus – That’s sleep, as I mentioned last week anything less is no good for your eating habits.
10. Naaa that’s enough to be getting on with I think!!!
Do all of those every day and you still aren’t losing weight then 1. I’ll be suprised and 2. I’ll give you 9 more!
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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