10 Ways Of Cutting Back Your Processed Food Intake

Following up from my recent post regarding ‘healthy’ processed foods and ‘ultra’ processed foods I wanted to give you a bit of help by showing you how to move away from the ultra processed foods which makes up a lot of our diet.
I mean we all have a bit of pizza, a curry, chips and ice cream from time to time. But when this is an every day thing then problems will soon be upon you (if they aren’t already).
So if you can go a few days without crossing paths with a blueberry or a stick of asparagus then this list is for you.
10 Tips To Eat More Naturally
1. Start Slow – cutting out all of your processed foods all at once could be too much. Make a list of the things you want to come down on and work on 1-2 every few days/week.
2. Put More On Your Plate – Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to starve. If you’re taking processed foods off your plate e.g. chips then make sure you put a good portion of nice vegetables or salad there in it’s place. Because these swaps are lower in calories it means you can eat more of them.
3. Ditch The Sugary Drinks – That includes diet drinks too, swap it for water. Add a bit of lemon/lime/cucumber if you find water boring.
4. Whole Grain Food – I tend to try and encourage people against eating too much pasta, bread and rice, but if your diet is full of the stuff then as a small change switch to more filling and nutritious wholegrain options such as brown rice.
5. Cut Out Processed Meats – Swap sausages, bacon, hot dogs and ham for leaner meats such as chicken and  turkey.
6. Prep – Nuts, Greek yoghurt and fruit, carrot and celery sticks – all better snacks when you’re in a rush than sugary bars or crisps.
7. Swap Out Highly Processed Snacks – Why not try swapping crisps for something more nutritious like homemade popcorn, top it with what you like then.
8. Be Wary Of Advertising – Avoid low fat, low sugar foods and other foods with bold claims. Stick to as little things from a packet.
9. Cook – Cook your own curries, pizzas and burger and chips. It’ll be better for you than shop bought or eating out if you follow a healthier recipe.
10. Plan Again – Get a whiteboard on your fridge and plan what meals you’re going to have when. It’s made a big difference to me and has also saved us money on our shopping bill.
That’ll do for today!
Jamie Stedman
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