15 Lbs Down And Starting To Enjoy Exercise

Yo yo!
Another busy week at HQ!
Finished off an interesting course yesterday, PSI (postural stability instructor). Was a really good course and interesting!
For me it really hit home about how we need to look after ourselves to avoid the many many health problems associated with ageing.
Not for me thanks! Look after yourself and you’ll stop that decline massively and have a retirement we deserve.
I’m off to Cornwall today for a what I believed to be well earned rest. A nice few days to chill out and top up on my vitamin D!
Had a great email from Donna yesterday whose just finished her second month of 1-1 training and is now starting in one of the small groups.
She emailed me to talk about her goals:


Managed to actually go to Jamie’s sessions and not miss one over the two months.

Started to enjoy the exercise.

Lost 15 pounds.

Feeling much better in self. 

Starting drinking 2 litres of water a day (which is a miracle)

Started to cook more vegan fun recipes and enjoy them

Feeling more energetic and got through a very busy working life over the past two months which I think if I had not made changes, I might have found myself ill.’

Great and benefits which have a real positive impact on her life in just two months.

Let’s see where she is in another couple of months.

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Take care,

Jamie Stedman


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