23 Lbs Off (And She Didn’t Even Join For Weight Loss)

January brought a lovely lady called Cath to my gym.
She contacted me earlier in the year and told me that she’d recently gotten over a really bad back injury last year and wanted to start exercising again to strengthen the back.
Cath after a major operation had been bed bound for months last year and really lost her confidence and was scared of exercising and making things worse.
We started really gently, just initially focusing on general fitness and specific core and back exercises to strengthen the area and improve Cath’s confidence.
In the meantime I coached Cath on nutrition and general healthy lifestyle advice  (sleep, water intake, supplements, meal timing) which she responded really well too.
6 months later and you wouldn’t believe the difference!
– 23 lbs lighter
– a healthier lifestyle
– better energy levels
– stronger back and core
– more confidence
– fitness dramatically improved
– better posture
She came just to strengthen her back and what she got was a lot more.
Genuinely life changing.
This is just one story of the inspiring people I work with every day.
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