3 ‘Tricks’ To Help You Lose A Little Timber

Summer is in full flow, I’ve seen clients come and go from holidays the last month or so.
Some come back looking the same whereas others come back half a stone heavier, it’s the time of year.
Come the end of August the summer will unfortunately be drawing to a close and people will start to get back into routine and thinking about their body shape. Most of us aren’t content with our current bodies with the majority of these being on the larger scale vs the small scale.
So a bit of weight loss wouldn’t go amiss for most it’s fair to say (I know not for everyone).
This is something I successfully and unsuccessfully try to help my clients do week in week out.
I see some people breeze through weight loss and see instant results and I see people see little to no results.
There’s certain things that the biggest losers (that’s a compliment) do which increases their chances of losing weight and here they are:
1. Shop Wisely – If you’ve got crap food in the house you’re going to eat crap food. If you’ve got a well stocked kitchen and cupboards full of healthy foods and all that you need to eat well and as little as the bad stuff as possible then you’re going to do well.
2. Cook! – They don’t live off easy meals like frozen stuff, tinned and make shift meals like sandwiches and microwaved foods. They learn good recipes (using the ingredients in their well stocked kitchen) and plan what meals their going to have each day.
3. Food Diaries – I find clients who write weekly food diaries and log their food (or use MyFitnessPal) lose DOUBLE the amount of weight than those that don’t. This works for a couple of reasons, 1. I check it and suggest changes and 2. They make themselves accountable and more aware of what they’re eating.
So if you adopt those 3 changes over the next week I guarantee this time next week you’ll be a bit closer to your goal.
To get all of the hacks, hints, tips and secrets first hand then why not come along and check out the gym. If you’ve tried things in the past and it hasn’t worked then why not try this. You won’t regret it. We have spaces available for 1-1 training and there’s also a few spaces left in our small groups with a view to starting immediately. You just need to fill out this form as your first step:
Take care,
Jamie Stedman


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