5 Essential Nutrients (Do You Get Enough?)

After 7 years in the fitness industry I’m not so easily shocked anymore.
In fairness the people I work with are at least trying to do something about their health.
Others which I know and see are so far away from even that.
Some people’s diets are appalling.
I still experience people who when asked by me ‘do you eat any vegetables?’ make a face like a petulant fussy 5 year old when being handed a plate with vegetables on.
I understand that everyone’s tastes are likes are different.
But as we go through life we do things we like doing and do things we don’t like.
It’s proven that a healthy diet makes you live longer and with better quality.
If adding some vegetables to your diet whether you like them or not isn’t worth that then you’re a lost cause!!
There are certain nutrients that our body need to function properly. Cut them out and you risk feeling (at best) tired, sluggish, over weight, (at worst) getting seriously ill.
Here are 5 essential nutrients and which foods are the best sources.
1. Vitamin D – Sun is your best source as well as oily fish and egg yolk.
2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Salmon, mackerel, sardines, flax seed and walnuts.
3. Vitamin B12 – Meat, eggs and dairy products are your best sources. If you’re a vegetarian then a supplement is a good idea.
4. Iron – Red meat, chicken, eggs, offal, green leafy veg.
5. Iodine – Iodised salt, milk, eggs, seaweed, fish.
5 really important nutrients to keep your levels high.
Some people don’t realise how poorly their body is functioning until they change their lifestyle and see how good you can really feel.
If adding exercise to your improved diet is on your mind then here I am.
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Take care,
Jamie Stedman


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