5 Food Swaps You Really Need To Make

Nutrition is confusing it’s fair to say.
There’s so many ‘experts’ around offering contrasting advce that it’s hard to know what the heck to do!
How many of you have gotten a little stressed about what foods are good and what foods aren’t?
There’s high fat, low fat, reduced salt, no sugar, sugar free, 0 calorie, trans fats, bla bla bla
That’s simply too much information for normal people who aren’t nutritionists. Food labels are confusing!
Fat free sounds great, right?
Not really.
As a basic rule when you buy something processed/packaged then you are opening yourself up to unhealthy and unnatural chemicals and whatever else these food giants do and add in their big factories.
So when possible buy natural foods like eggs, meat, fish, fruit vegetables etc.
We all eat other stuff like yoghurts, bread, ice cream, chocolate……
These big food companies know what they’re doing. They know people are thinking a bit more about their weight and health and are trying to make healthy choices. That’s why they are bringing out low calorie, fat, salt versions of their normal food.
So today I want to give you 5 Food swaps which you should make to ensure that your food choices are better:
1.Low Fat & Fat Free FOR Full Fat – Surprised? Normally when the fat gets taken out of the food it’ll lose flavour, so they add sugar or god knows what else to keep the flavour. This is no good and highly processed!
2.‘Healthy Cereals’ – Ditch the bran flakes and special K. They’re very nutrient deficient and you’re hungry a couple of hours later. I would try and ditch the cereals altogether if possible and have porridge/eggs in the morning. You also need to be very wary of muesli and granola these can be packed full of sugar as well.
3.Fizzy Drinks – These should go altogether if possible. Even if they are calorie free or no sugar, what do you think that is in there that makes them taste nice? Obviously nothing good. Add lemon to water or if you wanted a bit of a fizz try soda water instead.
4.Fruit Juices – Instead of drinking a load of orange and apple juice make your own fruit and veggie smoothies. There’s loads of recipes online and you’ll cut your sugar intake through this massively.
5.Roasted Nuts – Swap these for raw nuts. Much more of the goodness is kept and you’ll benefit from all the good fats contained.
Remember real food doesn’t need a label!
Take care,
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