5 Quick Tips To Make Your Exercise Sessions Fun

When I meet people who plan to get started exercising with me one of the major reasons for them coming to me is because they’re BORED.
Their current/previous exercise routine bored the hell out of them and they’re ready to try something new.
One thing I pride myself on is my interesting workouts, clients love that no two sessions are the same.
I keep them guessing and they’re always changing.
With the up and coming new gym refit this will give me even more scope to plan interesting, fun and effective workouts.
It involves the launch of a brand new 6 week weight loss program, massively bigger timetable plus a big new re-fit and new equipment. This will mean that the prices will change going forward for new members coming in. If you want to sneak in on the current rate before prices come up then now is the time! You just need to fill out this quick form and I’ll be in touch with the rest: https://richardclarke.wufoo.com/forms/z1er7vuu1q0wrkf/
If you’re happy going it alone then read on for 5 tips to make your exercise sessions from fun:
1. Variety -Mix it up, don’t just do the same old gym workout or the same old run. Try different machines, run somewhere different, try cycling/swimming or even dancing. There’s so much you can do.
2. Link Up – Socialise more and team up with a friend or a local club, it’s so much easier when it’s not just you. Especially with upcoming shorter, darker and colder days!
3. Do What You Like – If you hate something then there’s only so long you’re going to keep doing it. Why not try and re-find your old passions. If you enjoyed netball, dancing or tennis when you were younger then look around for opportunities to do that again. There’s so much out there.
4. Music – So important, get yourself a new uplifting playlist and get lost in it.
5. New Gear – You want to be comfortable when you exercise. Get some clothes or new shoes which you feel comfortable and happy in. It’s extra motivation to get you exercising.
Hope these 5 tips help keep you motivated.
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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