5 Quick Tips To Stay On Track When Away/On Holiday


As I said on Wednesday I’m currently having a little break from work.

I’m in Cornwall until tomorrow then heading to London for a wedding tomorrow night!

Pretty hectic few days but nice to have a break.

Times like this involve service station food, sitting for hours in the car, meals out, alcohol, hotel breakfasts – a real difference from my usual routine.

So it would be easy to really go off track, for some of my clients half a week like this could be enough to put on half a stone if they’re not careful!

So there’s a few things I do to try and keep me relatively on track during such a time (a good time, we all need a break!!)

1. Water – I drink a shed load of it, especially if I’m eating a lot of carbs. I need the extra water to help move things along

2. Keep as active as possible – I always sneak my trainers in my bag and get out early in the morning for a little run. Last time I did this it wasn’t quite so short a run as I got lost and ended up running 10 miles! You don’t have to run or even ‘train’ just walk as much as you can.

3. Supplement – I’ve got a cool supplement box which I’ll put a few days worth of vitamin d, c and fish oils. Keeps body function in check.

4. Limit process food – try and avoid the junk as much as possible (pizza, burgers, chips). Spend a bit more when you’re eating out and have a nice big steak or healthy portion of fish

5. Greens! – my clients are sick of hearing me bang on about green veg. It’s low calorie, filling, packed full of goodness and fills up your plate. The more the better.

So those are my tips, it means I can still have a couple of drinks, eat out and my favourite have an ice cream without feeling like I’ve got to start again when returning!

Have a fabulous weekend.


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