5 Sure Fire Ways To Ruin Your Fat Loss Attempts

Here we go again.
This topic has definitely come up before!
But I can see that not everyone is following the advice.
I see people making the same mistakes (innocently and not so) again and again which is ruining any fat loss attempts.
I have many a client who takes to the healthy eating easily where I have many who struggle, some just can’t get it whereas other half stick to it and half deviate and make up their own plan.
This doesn’t usually work
My nutrition plan is tried and tested and it delivers results – the further away you go from it the less chance you have of seeing success
So these are 5 mistakes I see people making all the time which holds them back:
1. Easy eating – Not the worst foods in moderation but again and again can slow you down. I’m talking ham, cocktail sausages and ready cooked meat. This stuff is high in sugar and salt and who knows what else! Peanut butter and rice cakes is another easy one which springs to mind.
2. Eating Out – If you’re eating out several times a week it will make weight loss more of a challenge, even if you are making ‘better’ choices restaurant food still usually contains more salt, sugar and bad fats than home made.
3. Booze – This really holds people back! People don’t think of alcohol as part of their diet but it is. Be wary, packed with calories as well as slowing you down and making you feel like crap the next day.
4. Frozen food – Use sparingly and when you’re in a rush, often contain chemicals and lack the nutritional goodness of fresh
5. Skipping meals – Swapping meals for the latest wonder shake is a big no no! Ignore their bold claims and eat some real food.
There we have it!
Have a good day.
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