5 Things I’ve Done To Bring Me Back To Life

As I mentioned last Friday I was heading off to Cardiff on a stag weekend.
Don’t get me wrong in my younger days I used to go out all the time, Friday and Saturday on the booze were a norm.
In recent years though I’ve gone off it and only really go out on special occasions. Other than a music festival and NYE party it’s the first time I’d really had a good session since last June.
As you can imagine it hit me hard, I had an awesome time but 48 hours of beer, rum, fizzy drinks, chips, cheese and burgers has left me feeling more than a bit sluggish – couple that with two rubbish nights sleep.
Some people feel like that every Monday, for me I don’t want to and I’m sure you don’t too.
It’s currently Tuesday afternoon as I’m writing this to go out in the morning and I’m happy to say i feel a heck of a lot better than Sunday when I returned home.
Here’s how:
1. Water – I’ve drank so much of it, helps to flush all the bad stuff out the system and rehydrate myself after the alcohol. I’ve been hitting 3 litres a day.
2. Exercise – When I got home on Sunday I went straight out on the bike for a couple of hours, some fresh air and a bit of sweating has done me good. Two moderate intensity workouts today and yesterday helped too.
3. Supplements – Vitamin C, D and fish oils have been taken every day to help fight off any colds and keep the immune system strong and the bodily operating as normal.
4. Fasted – I chucked in an 18 hour fast Sunday-Monday to give my body a bit of extra time to process and get rid of all the rubbish from the weekend. Digestion is improved.
5. Eating Well – Plenty of veg, white fish, greek yoghurt, fresh fruit, nuts and good quality meat whilst restricting my carb intake.
5 simple but very effective steps and I’m nearly back to normal!
You can use these if you have a heavy weekend, post holiday or just as sound tips to use every day to stay healthy and feeling good.
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Let’s stop accepting ‘fine’ and ‘okay’, let’s be good and lets be great!
Have a good week,
Jamie Stedman
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