A Few Tips To Feel Alive Again

Good morning!
How did Christmas go?
I had an awesome one I’m happy to say and I’m enjoying my week off.
Just a quick email to help you out if like me you’ve over indulged the last week (or month!!).
Here’s a few quick tips to rid some of those feelings of sluggishness and bloatedness:
1. Do a 18-24 hour fast – give your body a break from food. 18 hours is easy, just finish your evening meal at 6pm and don’t eat until midday the day after. Drink loads of water and some green tea if you like.
2. Fish oils – these really help! Take some high quality fish oils around your meals
3. Grab some greens – Your body will thanks you for this and it’ll aid your digestions greatly and get things moving. So pile up the green veg however you can (with a meal, salad or even in a smoothie). Sprout smoothie? mmmm
4. Go for a walk or do a mini workout 
5. For those of you who want something a bit more structured then try this FREE 3 day mini detox – this will get your new year off to a good start and save you feeling like this for another week or two until you take action. Nip it in the bud. https://jamiestedman.leadpages.co/3-day-detox/?es=3tefbj3qk9a9t39u1dg9acq814qwd65o
There you go.
I’ll leave you get back to your festivities!
I’ll catch you in 2017.
Happy New Year
Jamie Stedman


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