Are You Being Cereal?

Day in day out innocent dieters get their day off to the worst possible start (from a dieting perspective) with a big bowl of sugar! I mean cereal…
Same thing I guess.
Please don’t be fooled by the:
– High protein
– High fibre
– Low fat
And whatever else they like to claim on the cereal boxes.
I know it’s easy and time is sometimes at a premium in the morning but if you are serious about getting into better nick for the summer then I suggest you ditch the sugary cereals.
Some are worse than others, a low sugar muesli or granola is better than your lion bar cereal but you still need to be wary.
If you insist on sticking to the cereal then I would try making my own muesli/granola or pick the one in the shops with the lowest sugar content. Looking at the back of cereal packs will give you a big eye opener when you do see the sugar content.
Why is it no good?
– It lacks nutritional quality (with some you’d be better off eating the box)
– It doesn’t fill you up sufficiently and you’ll be hungry come mid morning
– It’s easy to overeat (due to the above)
– Carb only meals are bad for any fat loss attempts
A better way…
There’s plenty of better options which are nearly as easy to make.
1. Greek yoghurt (full fat) with a small handful of nuts and blueberries
2. Scrambled egg and grilled bacon
3. Boiled eggs and asparagus spears
4. Blueberry and spinach smoothie
These are much more nutritious, contain good quantities of healthy fats, proteins and carbs and will keep you full until lunch.
If you could just give yourself an extra 5 mins in the morning you can get your day off to a healthy start.
Summer is coming!
Jamie Stedman
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