Are You Being Healthy? (Part 1)

Summer is now over!
Not a bad one though eh?
Autumn has now hit and colds have started to do the rounds again, I’ve annoyingly got a little bit of a bad throat writing this.
I do pride myself on the fact that I very rarely get ill.
Being less prone to illness is a great sign that you’re looking after your body and your health.
It got me thinking and I came up with a little checklist of 10 things I (and many of my clients) do every week which is good for our health.
How many are you doing?
1. Eat Your Greens – Absolutely packed with health building and flu fighting goodness green vegetables are a must. You should have something green on your plate every lunch and dinner. Also helps you reach your 5 a day and it’s filling low calorie food.
2. Exercise – You should be doing a structured exercise session of 30-60 mins 2-3 times a week. Combining aerobic exercise as well as strength training and stretching. It keeps your heart strong, muscles strong, posture good as well as releasing feel good endorphins and burning a few extra calories.
3. Don’t Obsess With The Scales – Many people have very unhealthy relationships with the scales. Weighing morning, noon and night and sometimes in between. We are joyous when we lose the weight and throw the towel in when we haven’t (and have a good old binge!). Don’t be a slave to the scales and concentrate more on how you feel and look as a measure.
4. Drink Up – An absolute minimum of 2 litres a day (water not wine/coffee/coke). Water is like fuel to a car, it needs it to work optimally and not break down!
5. Don’t Fear Fats – Healthy fats are essential to the body and form part of a healthy balanced diet. Nuts, oily fish, Greek yoghurt, seeds and olive oil are a great addition to your diet. They are however a lot higher in calories so you just need to be sensible with your portion sizes.
If you’re doing these day in day out and week by week then you’re well on course to live a nice healthy lifestyle.
Energy, happiness and high feelings of wellbeing vs fatigue, tiredness and ill all the time.
I know which one I’d chose.
So that’s the half way mark, how many do you have out of 5?
Catch you for part 2 on Friday,
Jamie Stedman
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