Are You Being Healthy? (Part 2)

Me again!
So after part 1 on Wednesday of my little quiz ‘How Healthy Are You?’ I hope you’ve been drinking your water, exercising away, munching on your greens, sleeping and there’s a weighing scale sized hole in your window!
Maybe not all at once, these healthy habits take a while to set in, sometimes just one change a week is good enough to see some changes.
Make it achievable and think of the long game.
Okay so here are my next 5 Healthy Habits that I do every week and think you should too.
1. Increase Daily Activity – I’m not talking just exercise, day to day activity. It’s a great way of boosting your calorie burn for the day as well as stopping a lot of the problems associated with being sat/laying down for too long. Aiming for 10,000 steps a day, doing housework, walking up the stairs, standing up more in work all good ways.
2. Cutting Down On Sugar – It may not make you fat on it’s own but regularly snacking on sweet stuff leads to even more regularly snacking on sweet stuff. It’s low in goodness which means you can eat a tonne of it before feeling sick. Curbing your sweet tooth can be key to being a healthy weight (plus good for your teeth).
3. Planning Ahead – Got a big meal out or a night out? This is enough to knock some people off track for a couple of weeks. Plan around it, eat well before and after, drink plenty of water and try to bounce back straight away. Enjoy it be social and move on.
4. Prepare Your Meals – Again linked with planning, it may sound boring but plan at the start of the week what you’re going to be eating. Do your food prep, that’s all you’ve got to do is eat it then! Plus you’ll save money on your shopping.
5. Rest – Have down time during the day to physically and mentally recharge. Also sleep is so so so important. You should be aiming for 7 hours plus a night. To some that may seem like a dream! Failing to get enough sleep is a sure fire way of speeding up your chances of being run down and ill.
So there we have it.
I could probably have chucked another 10 in but 10 is enough to be getting started for now.
If you follow all 10 of those habits consistently I can safely guarantee it will change your life for the better.
It’s that important.
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Have a great weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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