Are You Due An MOT?

Good morning!
It’s all go! Yesterday picked up the keys to my new house so am heading there tonight for the first time 😀
I’ve heard it is a crazily stressful and hectic time (surely can’t be worse than buying the bloody thing!) so hope that doesn’t impact on my blogging quality!
Last week one of my sports massage clients turned up for his usual session
He wasn’t feeling too great and suspected his blood pressure was a little high. So I tested him and that was indeed the case.
He hadn’t been for a check up or to the doctor for years he said, he used to play rugby and was always fit up until he stopped playing sport. Since stopping playing sport, as is often the case a little bit of weight piles on, a few niggles here and there and coupled with a stressful job we have ourselves a health scare candidate.
I advised him to see his doc ASAP and found out this week he was sent straight to hospital and spent 3 days there!
The good side to this story is since the scare, he has been walking every day, cut out the fizzy drinks and the junk food and is happy as he has an extra reason to play golf! He’s going to be just fine I think and he may look back in 20 years and realise that little scare was the best thing to happen to him.
Many of us keep putting things off, putting things off until it’s too late and things really go wrong.
Prime examples:
– Getting things seen to at the doctor
– Joining a gym
– Starting a diet
– Seeing a sports masseur
There’s loads more examples
How many people if their car goes wrong or the warning light comes on goes straight to the garage?
Yet we don’t with our body!!
Also every 12 months with our cars we take it for an MOT
Who does that with their body?
My take home message today is ‘If something’s not right, get it checked out’
The body is a complicated thing and who knows what may be going on.
To reduce your chances of any health scares and to learn the healthy ways then my personal training packages will do that for you:
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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