Are You Healthy (Quiz part 1)?

Who doesn’t like a quiz??
No money up for grabs today sorry, in fact something far better than that is!
Drum roll…..
It’s A Healthy Body Which = A Better Life
That’s the bottom line, how you live your life now will be a reflection on your quality of life later on.
Abuse your body now and you’ll suffer the consequences (it’s much more than looking a bit overweight)
Look after your body now and you will thrive now (and have a great retirement)
So here’s a checklist of 5 key things you should be doing every day/week, if you do them all then it’s a safe bet you live a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t do any or just 1/2 then I would really have a rethink about your life.
So I will be giving you 5 points today and 5 on Friday. Hit reply and let me know your scores!
5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits:
1. Drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day – So important, keeps you hydrated and alert (not shattered and headachey), also prevents over eating and helps normal body functioning.
2. Eat a Mix Of Vegetables – Apart from breakfast you should be eating vegetables with every meal (and plenty of them), they are very low in calorie (apart from root veg) so have a nice mix and tuck in.
3. Be Active – You should be aiming to exercise at a high intensity for 30-45 mins 3-4 times a week. Sound too much? That’s as little as 90 mins a week, sound too much…..?
4. Earn Your Carbs – Think of yourself like a car and carbs like fuel. The more you move the more carbs you need, the less you move the less carbs you need. Overdoing it causes a major fat spillover!
(Speaking of fat)
5. Stop being scared of fats!! – Eat some high quality fats every day such as fish, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, Greek yoghurt and butter. Yes you need to eat sparingly but you definitely need them.
Okay round your scores up.
What did you get?
Part 2 Friday.
Jamie Stedman
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