Are You Inspired To Change?


How’s your week been?

Have you been staying up late watching the Olympics??

I am a massive sport lover, I could sit down and watch pretty much every sport if I had the time.

The Olympics is my favourite sporting event.

There’s been some awesome performances so far! Swimming, rugby, equestrian and rowing.

Best of all the athletics to come this weekend.

It does make me proud to be British!

For those of you who have been watching has it inspired you a little?

Maybe you’ve missed your chance to be the next Mo Farah or Adam Peaty, I’ve accepted that too but it’s not too late to better yourself.

Bettering yourself is personal to you and you alone.

Whether it’s something as seemingly small as walking to the shops instead of driving to running your first marathon. It doesn’t matter.

Set yourself a target and move towards it.

Watching it has made me extra motivated for my running and giving me the kick in the ass I needed to up my training for Amsterdam marathon in 2 months!

Just have a think about what you would like to be better at/do more of and set yourself some steps towards making that happen.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the rest of the Olympics,


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