Are You Lifting Weights? (If Not Why?)

Weight training is an absolute cornerstone of my business and how I train myself as well as my clients (and I’m a runner)
The strength session is often the one my clients look forward to the most (or dread the least maybe)
It should be a part of everyone’s training whether you’re a rugby player or just someone looking to feel and look a bit better.
Benefits of weight/strength training:

–    Makes day to day activities easier (carrying shopping, opening jars, picking up the children)
–    Better body shape and physique
–    Stronger joints and bones
–    Burns a load of calories
–    Improves posture
I could go on and on…
But still so many people don’t include it in their program or if they do they’re using such light weights that it won’t have the full effect. So many are slaves to the same old boring cardio machine workouts, you don’t need to do it.
There’s no need to be scared of weight training but it is vitally important that you do it right. It’ll change your training and your results forever.
Maintaining strength is so important as we age and greatly improves quality of life.
If you want help getting started then hit reply to this and I’ll tell you how.
Jamie ‘Get lifting’ Stedman
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