Are You Ready To Get it Right?


Another week nearly under our belt.

Plus it’s bank holiday weekend 😀

I’m working today and tomorrow and then I’m off to Guildford with the girlfriend and back in work Tuesday morning so a nice little break.

Hope you’ve got some nice things planned.

Talking of planning.

I find the most successful people:
– Plan when they are going to exercise
– Plan what exercise to do
– Plan what foods to buy
– Plan when they are going to cook
– Plan when they get up every morning and go to bed at night
– Plan fun and relaxing things in their schedule with family and friends

I find the people who struggle the most:
– Exercise when they feel like it
– Decide what training to do only when they get into the gym/training facility
– Don’t plan what foods to buy
– Just eat whatever they want/can be bothered to make at the time
– Stay up late
– Get up at the last minute
– Allow little time to chill out and enjoy life

I can’t say I’m always in the first category but I am most of the time which I think allows me to be successful in what I’m trying to do.

What about you? Where would you put yourself.

If you struggle a lot with the planning side of things and need a little help then I can give you it.

Revitalise Plan

There’s info there about one-one and also small group training where I can plan out your meals and training which I know makes life so much easier for many of my clients.

This could be the kickstart you need to finally get it right.

If you’re in the second category then keep up the good work 🙂

Have a great bank holiday weekend,

Jamie Stedman

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