Bread Every Day For Two Weeks

Hello there,
I am in a good mood writing this post as I have just returned from an amazing two week holiday in America.
I went to LA, Vegas, Yosemite and San Francisco.
Amazing country and we had a great time.
It’s well documented about the obesity problems in America and their massive range of unhealthy foods.
Did I survive?
Sort of – I ate my fair share of junk as I was on holiday and wanted to sample the local offerings like I think everyone should.
How do I feel after two weeks of eating out?
Have definitely put a few pounds on, I’m bloated, sluggish and lethargic.
It was the eating out, constantly for two weeks, you lose that control on a holiday like this.
I ate healthier when I could, I trained when I could just to keep me from going too far off track.
I’ve had clients who have a 1 week holiday and never come back! (To training, not from holiday). It’s so easy to slip out of routine so I advise all people just to do little bits while away in terms of healthy eating, drinking your water, sleeping well or a bit of exercise to stop them from straying too much.
I would say I probably ate bread every day of the holiday which I don’t usually do – that’s probably the biggest culprit.
So my plan for this week:
Monday – Fasted 18 hours and then just ate salad, fish, fruit and veg for the day
Tuesday – Eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch and stir fry for dinner
Wednesday – As above but different dinner
Thursday and Friday will reintroduce meat back into the diet alongside healthy meals
Plus drinking 2 litres of water minimum, aiming for at least 7 hours sleep and slowly ramping back up my exercise.
I think by Saturday I’ll be feeling back to normal.
It’s not rocket science and shouldn’t take too long.
Just getting the basics back in place.
Hope you have a good week.
You can follow that plan for anytime you feel you are going/have gone of course.
Jamie Stedman
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