Can’t Feel My Fingers & Toes

That’s what one of my clients said to me last week.
The lady in question has been coming to me for many years, she’d taken a little break from training and returned last week.
She really does give it her all in training but would be the first to tell you that she struggles with her weight and is constantly trying to improve her body shape.
When I saw her last week she told me that she’d lost 1 stone.
Waw, great I thought as that is a lot for her to lose as it’s always come off slowly with her in the past.
The problem for me is how she lost it. 
She’d started a month ago on one of these crazy diets, a pretty famous (and expensive) one too.
So basically for the last month she’d replaced all proper foods with bars and shakes (and the odd bit of junk when she needed a binge).
And she’s lost a stone, I think most people giving up food would lose a stone too.
Admittedly I was so frustrated when I heard, when are people going to stop chasing weight loss at all costs and start just focusing on your health?
For me FOOD is one of the most enjoyable parts of life, take that away and I’d be gutted, I don’t know about you?
Good food nourishes you, makes you strong, energetic, productive, healthy, the list goes on.
Taking that away and the scales may make better reading but nothing else does!
She went on to tell me about how she’d been throwing up following this plan, numbness in fingers and toes, always cold and my personal favourite her leader told her not to exercise as it’d make her put weight on!!!
This post was not to ridicule her, we had a good chat about a plan going forward and reintroducing the foods back in, this post was to raise awareness of these stupid damaging plans and how they can be even worse for your body than your usual unhealthy ways!
There’s a much much much better way.
It involves good food and good exercise.
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Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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