My Recovery

I had a tough week last week.
All self inflicted though so I’m not after your sympathy 😉
The weekend before last I went to Budapest for one of my mates Stag Do, 15 lads seeing the sights, eating really healthy, working out and getting to bed early.
Not quite.
Imagine the polar opposite and you’d get an insight into my weekend.
It was brilliant but it knocked me for six.
– Lack of sleep
– No exercise 
– Drinking most of the day each day 
– Burger and chips most meals
– Virtually no fruit or veg
I managed to keep drinking water which was about all I managed.
Add in a full day of travelling on the way home and then straight back to work meant I was up against it last week.
I felt really tired, in doing so there were headaches, ulcers even a few spots I don’t usually get.
You see these nights outs, weekends away, holidays etc are great great fun and I believe everyone should do it every so often.
But that’s the key – every so often.
Some people live like that every Thursday-Sunday!
I don’t know how they do it, it took me a week to recover!
These were my 6 steps I adopted every day to get myself back to feeling normal which you could use to post holiday/big weekend:
1. Catch up on sleep, get to bed a bit earlier and aim for 8 hours sleep
2. Rehydrate, minimum 2 litres of water each day
3. Move, I aimed to get in 10,000 steps every day
4. Supplement, fish oils, vitamin C and vitamin D I take every day.
5. Vegetables, I ate so much veg last week, prioritising the green stuff 
6. Exercise – gradually returned with some lighter sessions at the start of the week before building back to normal  at the end of the week.
By Thursday/Friday I was back to normal and feeling good again.
I’ve set myself a little goal of no alcohol until the wedding which is mid October. Let’s see how I get on!
These (plus much more) are the hints and tips I use to get clients back on track after a big event, it’s the summer so there’s loads going on.
If you want to get involved on the action then here’s all the info you need:
Have a happy healthy week!
Jamie Stedman


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