Merry Christmas From Me

Hi there, Don’t worry no article or big health and fitness message this week. I know you’re all busy with getting ready for Christmas or for the less fortunate of you still stuck in work! I just wanted to wish my loyal blog subscribers a very happy Christmas and a great New Year! I’ll catch […]

Benefits Of A Great Night’s Sleep

Just a short and important post regarding sleep. We all know the great feeling of waking up from a great night’s sleep; it gives you the perfect start to the day. We’ve also all felt sluggish for the whole day after a bad night’s sleep, so we need to make sure we are getting enough […]

Top 10 Ways To Recover After Exercise

In order to keep on training at a high level it is vital you allow your body enough time to recover from your training sessions. As a personal trainer in Llanelli I have had many clients who come to me because they have become ‘stuck in a rut’ with their training and they’re no longer […]