Children Should Be Weighted Up To The Age Of 18

In my scouting around the internet this week another interesting (and not surprising) article came to my attention. It was regarding childhood obesity.
This particular report was based around results from England but I imagine Wales is very similar in its outcomes too.
Currently in English primary school children are regularly weighed/measured up to the age of 10-11 and then never again.
They want to make this up to the age of 18 now to keep track of it (and hopefully identify problems before it gets worse).
It was found that England were lagging behind when compared to a host of other countries.
Taken from the article plus link for the full article:
The report highlighted:
  • high mortality for one to 19-year-olds in England and Wales for respiratory conditions like asthma and epilepsy
  • higher proportions of young mothers and smoking during pregnancy
  • low rates of breastfeeding compared to most EU countries
  • mental health problems set to increase by 2030
  • a third of boys living in the poorest areas of England will be obese by 2030
  • A&E attendances for children and young people are high and set to rise in the next 12 years
It is great that we are putting such focus on the long term plan to address obesity and sensibly targeting our future generation is very important and crucial.
For me it’s a tough one and really is so tough. If the kids may be more clued up but if they’re coming home and being fed ready meals every night they’re going to struggle to have a chance.
Parents have the most important role in shaping their kids health, more often than not they’ve got to start looking after themselves to be able to look after their kids.
It starts with you.
A person from the department of health said they’re looking to secure an additional £20.5 billion a year by 2023-24 to improve the mental and physical health of children.
What an absolutely staggering amount.
Just look at the pressure though that we are putting on our country because half of us can’t do a bit of exercise or cook a decent meal and we then get bailed out by the NHS or free repeat prescriptions.
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Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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