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In 2016 I began taking on small groups to train.
Previously I had been just working with people on a 1-1 basis or sometimes in pairs.
I wanted to work with more people and test myself in a different day so started my small group sessions.
It began with a couple of groups of 3 on a Thursday night.
I and the clients loved it, the atmosphere was brilliant, clients got the personal training touch (as opposed to being in a class of 20), it’s in a relaxed environment and it was fun.
A few months later I added a few more groups then every month or two I’ve added another 1-2 groups.
Now I’m ready to move it forward even more.
We currently have 10 group sessions running a week Mon-Fri mornings, afternoons and evening.
We will be adding more sessions soon and taking in more clients in August.
For the rest of this month you can try a taster class for free and see what it’s all about!

So if you’re not making use of your gym membership and struggling to get anywhere near your goals then give it a shot, sessions are just 45 mins and take place at my private fitness studio in bynea.

Different classes available including:
– Women’s weight lifting
– Male weight lifting
– Functional fitness for those new to exercise or with health problems

All you need to do is fill in this form and I can send you details of when you can try your taster class:

Monthly memberships then start from £40 a month.

Have a great weekend,

Jamie Stedman

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