Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

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Pleased to say a couple of you jumped in on my online program sale over the weekend. It has now returned to it’s full (and still reasonable) price 🙂

A lot of people probably think all personal trainers find exercising and eating healthy easy.

View them as robots living on chicken and brown rice eating out of tupperware containers!

It’s simply not the case (for most of us anyway)

Usually I’m pretty happy with my diet but I do have a tendency to overdo it on the weekend! Luckily I know all the tricks to get back on track quickly after overconsuming at the weekend 😉

This weekend I did go a little bit overboard though!

I ate really well during the week but was away for the weekend for a wedding.

It started Friday on my drive up to London, I was feeling tired and knew I was about to hit rush hour in London so bought a big bag of wine gums for my journey! These were nearly all devoured on my 5 hour journey!

Saturday consisted of bread and cheese for breakfast, bread and chips for lunch, alcohol and then hog roast rolls and one whole hell of a lot more cheese in the night!

Sunday feeling a little delicate I had a breakfast roll with hash browns, a sandwich for lunch (and ice cream) and an indian take away for dinner!

Come monday morning I felt pretty appalling! And had a meal out Monday night which didn’t help. Tired, sluggish and bloated.

Some people eat like that every weekend (and in the week) and see it as normal.

Why am I telling you this? Have I shattered the illusion?

A. I just want to prove to you that we all struggle with food from time to time, even the people you think eat healthy all the time.

B.  To share how to get yourself back on track after you’ve overdone it.

To get myself back on track I fasted monday for 20 hours and just drunk loads of water, this gave my digestive system a bit of a rest.

Tuesday I did a morning run (a nice walk or any workout will do) and followed it up with a session in the sauna and ate low carb and avoided all processed foods.

Another couple of days and I’ll be back to normal!

If you are a lady in the Llanelli area and want to learn these sneaky tricks you can join my slimming club on Wednesday evenings. You have to fill out this form to start:

For the men out there looking for a little help you can go here:

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