Did I Stick To My Plan On Holiday?

Hey there,
I got back from my holiday last weekend.
It was an awesome week away doing relatively little, much needed.
I wrote to you the morning before going about my plan to keep myself semi on track while away.
I’ve seen some clients over the years come back from holiday a stone heavier and have to work twice as hard (and long) to get that stone off again. It seems counter productive.
Holidays are supposed to be good for you not the other way around!
I’ve also seen some clients disappear after a holiday as they’ve gone so far off track and can’t get going again!
But I understand, I’m human too. Not many people are ever going to stay on track while on holiday.
What I do suggest and what I tried to follow myself was a few little ‘damage limitation’ rules to keep you on trackish and make sure you don’t have a mountain to climb to get you back ‘on it’ when home! Doing this shouldn’t sacrifice your enjoyment too much either.
So here are the little rules I set before going away:
‘- Trainers are packed so I will do a 15-20 min run every morning to get my metabolism kicking and just make me feel better in general
– High protein breakfasts – bacon and eggs every morning. No toast, croissants, cereal
– Swim every day, I’m a rubbish swimmer but I’ll do a bit to keep me going
– Go out for a walk every day
– Drink plenty of water rather than the sugary juices
– Limit alcohol intake, I will drink but try not to overdo it especially with the sugar packed cocktails
– Lunch and dinner I will focus on good quality meat/fish and plenty of veg’
Let’s see how I did:
– 5 out of 7 mornings I did a 20 minute run and followed it up with a 10-15 min upper body resistance band workout. Just over 30 mins of my day sacrificed before breakfast. I can live with that and it made me feel so much better. CHECK
– High protein breakfasts – stuck to mainly omelettes and bacon and also some fruit. I had no toast, no croissants but did have a few bowls of muesli and oats. I’ll give myself a CHECK for that
– Swim every day, I did do at least one length everyday! Didn’t do as much as planned as it was a pretty small pool. I’ll give myself a small check.
– Go out for a walk every day. Yep – only one really good walk. The rest short. CHECK
– Drink plenty of water – Big CHECK I had to
– Limit alcohol intake, I admit I did have a drink every day but didn’t go overboard. Stayed away from the sugary cocktails too at least other than a couple. I’ll give myself a FAIL though on that.
– Lunch and dinner was good, mainly meat and veg, a bit of carbs. Downside was the sauces and portion sizes as there was so much food I wanted to try! CHECK
So all in all pretty pleased. You can use the above again as a guide if you go away this summer (or anytime really)
One hidden thing which buggered me up a bit was CHEESE I don’t eat much at home and I did have quite a bit away which made me swell up like a balloon, dairy is tough to digest so be wary of it.
I put on around a kilo, a few days of clean eating and back to full training and I’ll be back to normal. Not too much of a mountain to climb.
I wouldn’t say I sacrificed my enjoyment at all either.
So now I’m suitably recharged and ready to go again in the second half of the year.
Big things are happening down at the studio in bynea, more equipment, more sessions, more results for the rest of the year.
If you’re interested in finding out what goes down then you can book in a little telephone chat with me to discuss, or just head over to www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk

Catch you Friday,

Jamie Stedman
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