Did You Overdo It Last Weekend? My 3 Day Fix

How are you all feeling?

After the final weekend of Six Nations rugby I would imagine that Sunday morning there were a few of you feeling a little worse for wear!

Everyone needs a good blowout once in a while and to have some fun, if we don’t enjoy our lives I mean what’s the point?

But if you did have a few too many pints and a couple of burgers, and of course a pizza or some chips with your hangover on the Sunday then you may feel as if you have gone a little bit off course.

It is very important after a blowout to nip it in the bud early and get back to normal the day after or definitely the day after that.

I wrote this post for those of you who still don’t feel fully back into the swing of the things after a big weekend, or for those of you with a holiday/night out planned these tips which I will tell you can help get you back on track in a few days.

I’ve spoken to so many people who have told me they are dieting and eating well, I’ll then see them a couple of weeks later and they tell me it’s all gone to pot! I ask them why and nearly all of them can pin point a day where it all went wrong.

It’s normally, ‘I was doing so well until…’

  • I went on holiday
  • Birthday party
  • Works do etc.

So it is important to not undo all of your hard work due to a good night out.

So I’ll give you a few tips to guarantee that you’ll be back to your best in just a few days.

You should follow these steps the day after/2 days after your blowout and you within 3 days you’ll be absolutely fine.

  1. Drink More Water – If you can’t do it before you go to bed when you come in, the day after make sure you drink loads of water to help flush all of the bad stuff out of your body and to rehydrate yourself. When you drink alcohol you dehydrate yourself which is one of the reasons you feel so crappy the day after. Make sure you avoid energy drinks and fizzy drinks and things like that and aim for around 2-3 litres of water per day.
  2. Sleep – If you have missed a lot of sleep on the night make sure you get to bed early the day after to catch up. A good night’s sleep will allow you to wake up the next morning bursting with energy and ready to get back to your normal healthy living.
  3. Cut Out The Junk – Make sure the junk food eating doesn’t continue. Get back to normal clean, healthy natural foods instead of fried fatty foods. Make sure your meals are made of good quality lean protein and loads of veg, especially green ones. Add some good fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or an avocado in too to make it an even better meal.
  4. Stay Away From White Carbs – These are the main things responsible for all of the fat your body stores, especially around the stomach area. White carbs are highly processed and I guarantee if you cut out or at least reduce your intake of white rice, pasta, white bread you’ll lose weight. These starches get easily converted into sugars and stored as fat. Swap your white carbs for brown rice, wholegrain rice, porridge oats, sweet potatoes, lentils and legumes and you’re onto a winner.
  5. Get A Sweat On – There is nothing quite like a good exercise session to flush out all the alcohol and junk in your system. I guarantee after you have worked up a good sweat you will feel a 100 times better (maybe not the morning after a night out, but in the evening/day after). Short high intense full body workouts are good here, great time saver and will give you awesome results.

Check out this video to give you a quick workout which will definitely get a sweat going. Repeat 3-5 times

Really you should be following all of the above steps anyway but it’s extra important to do all 5 things  after a weekend blowout and when you’re feeling tired and close to going back to your old ways.

The Greatest Wealth Is Health

We only get one body so look after it.

Take care,

Jamie Stedman

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