Didn’t Think It Would Be This Easy

That’s what Martin said after his first 3 weeks training with us as a 1-1 client.
Martin had been fit in the past after training with a fellow trainer, he then stopped, bad habits started to creep back in and weight started to come back on.
Martin’s main goal was to tackle his belly and increase his fitness.
I get that a lot.
So I just got Martin started with some basic exercise, one cardio/circuit session and one strength session. Performing functional moves such as squats, deadlifts, step ups, lunges and upper body pushes and pulls.
He’s loving the exercise and you can see his confidence increasing dramatically.
Energy levels have improved, he’s sleeping better and through following my diet advice and plan he’s eating great.
He used to wake up in the middle of the night starving, go downstairs and  have a 2am feast! 
3 weeks in and none of that, he told me yesterday he didn’t think it would be this easy to eat healthy.
Some find it easier than others, yes Martin has taken to it quicker than others but he’s eating good quality nutritious tasty food, it’s not that hard.
The results speak for themselves with 8lbs off at the weigh in yesterday. This  is just the beginning though.
To see results like Martin (or Gareth who last lost 20lbs in his first 6 weeks) then I have spaces available for:
– 1-1 training (full package £250 a month)
– Small group training (£40-80 a month)
– Slimming club (Wednesday evening 6:30pm, £25 every 4 weeks)
– Nutrition Seminar (Saturday March 10th 10:30am £10)
If you wanted to start straight away I have spaces for 1-1 as well as 2 spaces Monday morning 7:30am, 1 space Monday morning 9:05am, 1 space Tuesday evening 6:15pm and 2 spaces Thursday evening 6:30pm
You just need to fill out this form or reply to this email and let me know any questions
Isn’t  it about time you stopped wasting your hard earned time and effort and actually saw some life changing results?
Jamie Stedman
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