Do This Today (Please)

As part of the work I do for the local authority I work on an exercise scheme with people who are more often than not referred to myself from their GP/Health professional.
As part of the assessment process I ask clients in one section to grade their health and how they feel on a scale of 1-100.
I get some positive people who put themselves up high into the 90s and I also get some not so positive people who barely reach double figures.
If I asked you today to grade your health between 1-100 where would you put yourself? (Let me know, I always encourage feedback)
Here are the main reasons I see people fall to the lower end of the scale:
1. Stress (caused by work, money issues, family issues)
2. Injury
3. Mobility problems
4. Weight problems
5. Health problems (diabetes, stroke, heart problems)
6. Mental health problems (stress as well as anxiety and depression)
Some of those reasons are harder to fix than others.
But ultimately you’re in control of your own health, the actions you take day in day out affect how healthy you are and your future.
If you take no exercise, are inactive and eat a crap diet then you’ll pretty much suffer from most of the above.
Not good!
How long will you wait before changing things?
What I’ve learnt since being in this game is there is very rarely a perfect time to start anything, sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up and make a start TODAY
Here is a quick list of 5 things you can do today which your body will thank you for:
1. Drink over 2 litres of water
2. Have a day off bread and biscuits
3. Have a day off any booze
4. Make yourself a healthy meal with loads of veg
5. Get to bed at a reasonable hour and try and get 7-8 hours sleep
All pretty achievable I think.
Let me know what changes you’re going to make a day.
If you’re feeling ambitious then you could try and do all 5 and then you’ll be cooking with gas!
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Take action today,
Jamie Stedman
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