Do This Workout Today

Struggling for time to hit the gym today?

Why not do this short workout which requires no equipment whatsoever.

You can do it at home or in the garden and it can burn over 500 calories!

So use it as your training for today or have it as an extra exercise session to help boost your results.

So here it is:

100 x Skipping (if you haven’t got a rope just air skip and pretend you have)
80 x High knees or marching high knees
50 x Bodyweight squats
25 x Bodyweight squat and explosive arm raise
25 x Press Ups
150 x Skipping/air skipping
50 x Alternate leg lunges
60 x Star jumps/lying star jumps (same technique but you lie down and move your body into an x position and back)
20 x Reverse lunges
125 x Straight air punches
100 x Bent over circles (bend at hips with arms straight out to the side, make small circular movements forwards x 50 and repeat behind)
150 x Skipping/air skipping
30 x Sit ups
20 x Glute bridges
15 x straight leg raises

Do that and you’ve done 1000 reps and burned over 500 calories and got a pretty awesome full body workout in without leaving the house.

This will probably take around 30 mins to complete. If it’s too much just do half the reps and try and build up towards the full 1000.

You should always make time for exercise.

This workout requires no money, no equipment and minimal time.

Take care,

Jamie Stedman

PS Ensure you do a little warm up and cool down before and after this session. Also any exercises you can’t do comment below and I’ll give you an alternative.

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