Do You Want To Live Longer?

A slightly different article this week compared to the usual content, a little bit deeper!

Why are we on this world?

We are born, we learn to walk, to talk, we go to school/college/university to learn, we get a job, we make money, fall in love, start a family, retire and then rest.

Clearly everyone has different experiences, for some people all of these things will come much easier than others.

We have a long journey and it is absolutely essential that we do it with as much enjoyment and with as many great experiences as physically possible.

Without sounding depressing we only get one shot remember.

A lot of people get to retirement age and their body is wrecked! This stops them from being able to enjoy their time off with the people they love. After working hard for 40-50 years this is the last thing that anyone wants.

Through healthy living you can greatly improve your quality of life and make the most of it.

I know some people that just work work work and get to the age of 40 and feel and look like they’re 60!

I also know many people who hit retirement age and feel like a 40 year old who can keep going for another 20 years!

This is all dependant on how we live our lives.

Clearly there are things such as injuries, diseases and other bad things which can impact our lives negatively through no fault of our own but ultimately we are in control of our own health. 

It is possible to slow down the onset of aging and even reverse it to some extent. 

Aging is inevitable. It is something we should be proud of, a chance to show how much we know to the youth of today!

This article is just to show you how you can go through the aging process with ease and actually enjoy it.

The Aging Process

As we get older our bodies start to slow down and stop being able to function as well, sadly there is no getting away from this its part of life.

BUT through living a healthy life we can delay our body slowing down by years! Amazing!

Just think how much more you will be able to enjoy your retirement if you feel like a 30 year old and can spend it with the people you love, as opposed to how much you will enjoy it where you can barely move around the house unaided.

No competition really, and once again remember we are ultimately in control of this.

Longevity is key, ignore how old it says you are on the calender, you are only as old as you feel.

Your chronological age doesn’t have to be the same as your physiological age.

Life is a journey not a struggle.

How to reverse the effects of aging 

When I say anti aging tips I’m sure many of you will think of things like anti wrinkle creams and lotions, hair dying products, botox and maybe even plastic surgery. That does kind of sum up some of the western world that these are the steps that the majority of people (plastic surgery being an extreme example) will take to make them look younger, rather than eating healthily and exercising.

When we age we suffer from loss of muscle mass, loss of mental function, low mobility and a lack of energy, you will realise that the anti aging steps I mentioned above won’t help any of these.

Top tips to delay aging naturally:

Get Outside – People spend way too much time on their computer or watching TV.  There is so much to do and see outside, especially on a nice day I can’t think of anything better than going for a walk with the family down the park or beach. Sunlight also is a natural source of Vitamin D.

Yoga & Meditation – This is a great one to do, I’ve tried yoga and really enjoyed it. Yoga and meditation can help you relax and lower your stress levels (linked with aging) dramatically. It can also help you to see things a lot clearer.

Yoga is also great for your flexibility, the more flexible and supple you are the less chance you have in the future of suffering falls and lack of mobility which are associated with ageing.

Don’t Be Alone – Loneliness can be a real killer for older people. Socialise as much as possible with your friends and family. Get out there and do things, go to the cinema, concerts, attend and evening class just do anything that will get you out of the house and that you can enjoy.

Stay Active – You have to keep moving or your body will stop. Taking part in regular exercise is absolutely vital. When you see an older person you can normally tell whether they have had an active lifestyle or not.

Regular strength training is extremely important. Losing muscle mass is something you want to avoid or at least delay for as long as possible so strength training will help this as well as keeping your bones strong, this will lower your chances of osteoporosis.

Diet is important.

I’m going to focus a bit more on nutrition as there is a lot to say on the subject. As you know I see food as like medicine, many of the effects you get from modern day medicine you can get from eating right. Also if you did eat well there would be no need for some medication.

Okay so how does nutrition help the aging process?

If you spend your whole life eating processed unnatural foods then it will show. You will likely be obese, you will have low energy levels and your skin will look worn out and dull. Add this to the increased risk of all of the health problems associated with obesity then it doesn’t look good does it?

On the flip side. If you spend your whole life eating fresh, natural whole foods and stay active then it will also show. You will most likely be lean, mobile, disease free and full of energy.

Which one would you prefer?

This really is how important your eating habits are.

More quick tips to age naturally:

  • Eat a diet high in protein to maintain muscle mass and keep producing HGH (human growth hormone).
  •  Eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods – There are found in colourful fruit and vegetables and they help to reduce the damage caused by free radicals in your system.
  •  Eat Omega 3s – Omega 3s help to fight inflammation, improve the appearance of your skin and aid brain function. Three vital things that we need as we age. The best source is fresh fish, if not a fish oil supplement.
  • Lower Sugar Intake – Aim to cut out any excess sugar that you eat, excess sugars can modify essential proteins in our body which can lead to wrinkles and energy loss. 
  • Take Care of Your Skin – Eat foods such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, nuts, seeds and spinach are good for your skin as they contain the vitamins you need to keep your skin looking healthy.
  • Stop smoking and limit alcohol intake 
  • Destress – Stress will ruin your mood, energy levels, social interaction as well as causing so many health problems.

Problems such as osteoporosis, high blood presure, athritis, dementia and heart disease don’t just happen as we get older, they are a result of years and years of unhealthy living.

Don’t let it happen, acting now will mean you will be able to enjoy good health for many years to come.

Let’s be realistic the big medical and health companies aren’t going to promote anti aging through the things I just said, they are going to promote it through new miracle pills, lotions and creams, there is a lot of money to be made from it so they will keep on doing it. The people who buy these products don’t have to alter their lifestyle one little bit so it suits them which is why it is so popular.

If all of the things I have mentioned above didn’t require effort or commitment then everyone would be running around into their 90s!!

Do it naturally and do it right. Honestly how good does an overweight 70 year old look with fake tan and blonde hair?

Thanks for reading and live well,

Jamie Stedman

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