Don’t Let Them Get To You

I worked in a supermarket for 5 years.

I finished about 18 months ago to pursue my career in the healthy and fitness industry. Was the best decision I ever made but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

To save money and also due to the lack of choice sometimes I used to bring food into work with me.

So every shift up in the staff room on break I’d get my lunch/dinner out of the fridge and sit down and eat it with all the members of staff.

For instance one day I was eating a chicken salad.

Nothing crazy about that.

All the other staff members round the table were tucking into curry, burger, chips, crisps, chocolate bars etc.

Processed food increases the risk of obesity which then leads to a whole host of health problems.

Who do you think was the ‘strange’ one who got the most attention?

Me of course (why of course?).

It was nothing viscous or anything, it was all a joke but it used to be a bit of a running joke to see what weird and wonderful (healthy) food I was going to eat up on break.

I think people who deep down know they should change but do nothing about it like to try and bring people down to their level. It makes them feel more comfortable.

Maybe they feel threatened that people are doing something which they haven’t got the motivation/attitude to do.

You see it a lot in relationships. Where the man will not support his partners diet and exercise attempts. Sometimes it could be as he is worried of potentially her getting into great shape and feeling healthy and realising the lazy junk food lifestyle isn’t for her.

Energy Vampires these people are. They try to bring you down for your attempts at getting healthy/doing anything good.

The people who say come to the pub rather than the gym.

The ones in a restaurant who’ll make fun of you for not having a dessert.

The ones in university who’ll question why you’re doing work rather than drinking

I’m sure you’ve all experienced it.

I’m not saying do anything drastic like leave your partner because he’s lazy or ditch your friends because they like a drink.

What I am saying though is you need to surround yourself as much as possible with like minded people.

People who have as much of a laugh as everyone else but won’t resent the fact that you’re doing some good stuff for your health.

If you don’t do that then these energy vampires unless you are really strong willed will wear you down.

So be strong and don’t let anyone question your decision to become fitter and healthier.

You will be the ones in the future who are fit and healthy and able to enjoy an active lifestyle all the way through retirement. Sad to say some people won’t even make retirement due to their poor lifestyle.

I know what I’d prefer…

Jamie ‘Healthy and Proud’ Stedman

PS Some cool new stuff happening next year. I’m going to be unveiling a 14 Day Detox Diet as well as a 90 Day Online Diet & Exercise Program. Stay tuned!

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