Early Success Stories From 2019

Early Success Stories From 2019
We are already over a quarter of the way through 2019.
How has your year started?
Are you on track to achieve what you aimed for?
If your goal was to earn 40k this year then you should have earned 10 by now.
If your goal was to lose 6 stone you should have lost 1.5 stone by now.
The 3 month mark is a good indicator of how you’re doing with your goals.
If you’re still getting over Christmas then you need to get your ass in gear!
2019 has started very well at Jamie Stedman Health & Fitness 
In the first 3 months we have:
– Got our first recipe book printed ‘Eat Yourself To Health – 100 Recipes’
– Extended the gym by an extra 33% adding a cardio and warm up room with a bike, treadmill and rower machine 
– Extended the group sessions to at least twice a day Monday-Friday
– Increased the capacity of the groups to now hold up to 6 people per class 
– Included more fun training things for members such as client of the month competitions and a new habit coaching program
All in all a very good start to the year.
Members have been responding well too.
Cath since starting in January has lost well over a stone and has strengthened her core and back after a long lay off last year. 
Michelle has found she doesn’t actually hate exercise at all (just squats now) and has successfully incorporated 2 weekly sessions into her routine and is enjoying it.
Caroline has successfully chipped away at her weight loss losing 1-2 pounds a week on virtually every week this year.
Emma has overhauled her diet and added extra training sessions to her routine and has lost over a stone and a half this year.
These are just a small selection of the great results had by the action takers I have the pleasure of working with on a weekly basis. If you want to join the team and see results like this from yourself then fill out this quick form and we can schedule in a call:
Have a great weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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