Earn Your Christmas Treats

Yo yo!
Another week closer, I feel like this week I’ve taken on a new role.
I’ve been doubling up this week and my gym has been like a place of confession as well as exercise.
Clients have been telling me of the naughty things they’ve been indulging in.
There’s a curtain separating the massage area so I’ve considering sitting the otherwise of it while they tell me.
Admittedly I’ve been telling them of a few things I’ve indulged in too!
I have something for you today.
I created this for myself last year as a bit of extra motivation when I was training through the festive period.
It’s just a bit of fun and I don’t fully agree that you should be punished for having a treat but it may help people think twice about really overdoing it this Christmas and undoing all of your hard work over the previous few months.
Daily habits to do every day:
– Drink 2 litres of water (minimum)
– Keep taking your supplements every day
– Eat some form of vegetables with at least 1 of your meals every day
– Exercise (aim for at least 3 weekly sessions)
How about this to do as well:
1 mince pie = 20 burpees
Christmas pudding = 50 squats
Chocolate bar = 1 minute plank
1 slice of bread = 50 lunges
1 alcoholic drink = 50 star jumps (maybe not straight after)
Try and do these, it may help you get through this month and not sacrifice your enjoyment too much.
Have a jolly weekend,
Jamie Stedman
PS As I mentioned Wednesday I’m selling gift vouchers for personal training and sports massage this Christmas if you were still shopping for loved ones or simply wanted to treat yourself. You can grab yours here:
PPS Another idea is my almost brand new recipe book containing 100 Healthy Recipes. You can pick up your ebook here: https://www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk/cookbook/
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