Eat More Fat & Lose More Fat.. Awesome!

‘How can you promote your clients eat more fat and not expect them to get fat??’

Says government advice, doctors, dieticians and those not in the know ?

This is the current advice we are told to follow:

The ‘Eatwell’ Guide

I could write an essay on this but I quite frankly haven’t got the time today so I’m just going to talk about FATS (and not the ridiculously high amount of carbohydrates they advise us to eat and wonder why the nation is so fat!! – Sorry!)

Yeah fats! The nasty artery clogging, obesity causing, greasy fats.

There are many different types of fats – some do cause the above ^^^ (trans-fats) but they don’t all do that.

I know you’re busy like me so don’t want a science lecture, you want to know what fats to eat, and I want to tell you what fats to eat.

What fats to eat:

– Butter

– Coconut oil

– Avocados

– Oily fish

– Eggs

– FULL FAT Greek Yoghurt

What fats not to eat:

– Pastries

– Ice cream

– Regular chocolate

– Pizza

You get the gist, the super nice tasting stuff that you know is bad for you.

The two foods lists I mentioned don’t come under the same bracket, eat plenty of the good stuff and as little of you can of the bad stuff and you’re on to a winner.

Good fats are good for brain function, increase energy, boost your good hormone levels, fill you up and help you to build muscle and burn fat.

Stuff your face ?

Jamie Stedman

PS My clients have been enjoying their food including meals such as burger and chips, stir frys and even cookies and cakes while still seeing results. If you want to find out more go here:

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