Exercise Your Troubles Away

If you look at the faces and further explore the moods of my clients (and at most gyms fort that matter) before and after a session at the studio you would notice a big old difference!
I’m not saying that my clients walk in miserable but they definitely walk out:
– Happier
– More energised (not that they know it quite yet)
– More alert
– More focused for the day
– More awake
– Less irritable 
– More determined 
Just all round happier and healthier really.
I pride myself on being able to find that ‘magic exercise mark’, that’s that perfect work rate which lets you know you’ve done something but don’t feel sick.
That sort of exercise which makes you look forward to your next session rather than dread it.
Many of my clients wanted something different to being at the back of an exercise class thinking ‘what the heck am I doing?’
I’ve been quietly doing this very successfully with many clients over the last 5 and a half years from the private studio in bynea,
It’s smaller than your normal gym but that also means not a load of mirrors, not a load of lycra and a nice relaxed friendly environment to work out in and progress.
One-one sessions and small group sessions (groups of 3-5) are the main things on offer coupled with targeted nutrition to get to your goals faster.
There is space available for both of the above options, you just need to fill out this form and I’ll be in touch with all the info:
Would be great to welcome you to the team.
Good news for many of you is we do next to no burpees at my gym 😉
Have a good week.
Jamie Stedman
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