Get Straight Back On Track With These 3 Simple Steps

Hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed the extended time off work (for those of you that had).
I’m writing this in advance, much like my other blogs.
It’s currently 11:37 on Tuesday and I must admit I don’t feel quite my usual self.
The Easter weekend for me involved plenty of exercise and some nice healthy meals but also involved chocolate, ice cream, alcohol and bread!
So I woke up this morning feeling so bloated and also a bit tired.
So in order to get me back feeling as good as I did last Thursday I follow my ‘back on track’ protocol which consists of 3 pretty easy steps:
1. Start With A Fast/Low Calorie Day – Skipping breakfast and giving your body a bit of a break from food won’t do you any harm so I’m fasting (16-20 hours I recommend and no more than twice a week). I will break my fast with 2 boiled eggs some salad and an apple. I also won’t eat meat today as that’s tougher for the body to digest.
2. Drink 2-3 Litres Of Water – Will aid with water retention, stop you from getting too hungry and help to flush out all the rubbish from the weekend.
3. Up Vegetable Intake & Lower Carb Intake – No bread, pasta and especially no junk food, just small portion of potatoes and rice with my evening meal and eat a hell of a lot of veg, especially green veg.
Following this simple protocol today will mean by tomorrow morning I’ll be feeling more or less back to normal and happy to continue with my usual eating.
Follow the above steps if you like many had a little blowout on the weekend, Easter is done which means our attention is drawn towards the summer now and getting that body you’re comfortable in.
The above is Free advice, if you want the even more beneficial paid advice then why not join me in one of my many options:
1. 1-1 training
2. Buddy or small group training
3. Nutrition only club
You just need to fill out this form and I’ll be in touch:
Have a good week,
Jamie Stedman


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