Give Me 28 Days To Change How You Eat Forever

For the better of course!!

People use food for various reasons:
– Survival
– Comfort
– Energy
– Pleasure
– Cure hangovers!
– Routine

We all eat the stuff and we all have different relationships with the stuff.

Some have healthy relationships with food, some have some seriously unhealthy relationships with food.

The stuff we shove in our mouths make us feel:
– Happy
– Sad
– Energetic
– Tired
– Lean
– Fat
– Healthy
– Unhealthy
– Accomplished
– Guilty

If you’re in the crowd where food makes you feel the negatives I mentioned above (sad, fat, tired etc.) then you need to make some changes.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tonight is week two of my new slimming club being run in Felinfoel church hall. My aim is to change the way that all the ladies attending see and use food. We are learning to not chase weight loss at the expense of our health but to concentrate on getting healthy first, and the weight loss will come as part of it.

Jessica said after her first week, ‘I can’t believe how simple the approach is, it just makes sense’


Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with how to start:

You can decide in your FREE first class if you want to sign up for the month and change the way you see food forever.

Any questions let me know.

Take care,

Jamie Stedman

PS I don’t want the guys to miss out on this opportunity, the club is currently a female only. There is scope to put on a men only slimming club too, drop me a message if interested.

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