Habits Of The Super Fit

You know them people who are always on the move?

The people who probably get told ‘I just don’t know how you do it’ 10 times a day.

The people who are up bright and early packed full of energy and spend their day being productive in work, exercise, plus eat an awesome clean diet on top.

Who envies them?

I would put a couple of my clients into this bracket and hopefully a couple more will be joining them soon if they carry on the hard work.

I try myself to be in this bracket too and I like to think I am.

Things have changed for me over the past 2 years, I’ve exercised and played sport all my life and there hasn’t really been a point where I haven’t exercised for over a week in probably the last 10 years of my life but health wise I’m at my peak now.

At university doing a sports course I wasn’t healthy, I would have a stop start training routine to say the least, my nights out were much more of a routine than my gym visits and I lacked energy, productivity and I was always picking up little colds and illnesses here and there.

But I’m happy to say over the past 2 years things have changed big time! I wake up at about 6 every morning raring to go for the day (most mornings anyway) and normally don’t finish work until about 9 in the night then still with the energy to eat well and train 8-10 times a week, I love it.

I don’t pick up any little illnesses anymore and I feel good.

So without being big headed I like to think I am there or more or less in the category of the Super Fit.

Are you interested in being this exclusive club? If you are then read on as I will share with you some of the top habits of the super fit which separate them from the rest.

Just to warn you this is no quick fix, you aren’t going to suddenly change everything after reading this article. You’re going to have to work your ass off to make these habits I’m going to mention become your habit. This is hopefully the start of a long term behaviour change not just a short term get fit for holiday ploy.

Habits Of The Super Fit

No Junk Food In The House

This is an important one. People can’t complain that they eat chocolate and other junk all the time when they are the ones who buy it and bring it home. Be sensible with your food shopping, make a clear list and stick to it. If you don’t want to eat junk, don’t buy junk simple as that. I know you may not be the only person in the house and not everyone will eat the same as you but just don’t buy it for yourself, hopefully your good habits will rub off on everyone else then.  I guarantee you that a bar of galaxy is a lot easier to resist when it’s on the supermarket shelf rather than a few yards away from you in the kitchen cupboard.

Clear Goals

If you don’t have a clear goal which you are 100% committed to it’s so much easier to skip a workout or have an extra treat. Your goal needs to be well thought out, realistic yet challenging and it’s got to mean so much to you. Don’t just set one that you don’t really care about for the sake of setting one, it needs to be powerful and it needs to stir some emotions. Just think how much better your life will be once you’ve achieved your goal and let that act as a constant reminder and motivational tool.

They Don’t Overeat

Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to eat it. You don’t always have to finish your plate, if you’re struggling it shows you are full. Either leave the rest or keep it as left overs, one less meal to cook tomorrow. The superfit know when to stop eating. A good habit although slightly more difficult with work and family commitments is to eat 4-6 smaller meals rather than 2 big ones. Your stomach will get used to this and your metabolism will improve allowing you to burn loads more calories.

Don’t Blow It On Weekends

It’s all well and good exercising well and eating great Monday-Friday but if you’re going to blow it on the weekend then a massive amount of your hard work will be undone. I agree you should treat yourself on the weekends but have a treat meal Saturday night not a full blown cheat weekend where you will eat and drink whatever you want for two days. Once you are superfit you will be able to pencil in one treat meal look forward to it, enjoy it, don’t feel guilty and then go back to normal. This is a tough habit to achieve but great when you do.

They Have A Specific Training Programme

What are you training towards? If it’s a marathon then every session you do should take you one step closer to being able to run a marathon. Don’t just do irrelevant activities make sure you’re training is related to your goal. Plus don’t turn up at the gym with no plan of what to do, this is no good for your motivation. I always remember when I was in the gym last year a guy came in next to me picked up 2 dumbbells did 4 curls said ‘F**k this’ and walked out, if you haven’t got a clear session in mind it is a lot easier to finish half way through, or before you’ve even started like that guy!

Exercise becomes a part of life, you won’t have to drag yourself to the gym you will treat it with the same importance as say a business meeting. It’s in your diary and you have to be there.


I said earlier my energy has been transformed and I think supplements play a part. I feel like they help my energy plus make me more resilient and less likely to pick up little bugs and illnesses. I would recommend taking a vitamin C supplement as well as fish oils to start you off, you may not think it now but honestly they can make a huge difference. Click here to see the supplements that I use and purchase some if you like.


Lastly we have willpower. Without having the willpower all of the habits I just mention wouldn’t happen. We all have weaknesses, with me I’m most likely to go off course when I’m out with my friends. I sometimes think ‘oh I’ll have a pint while I’m here’ or something like that, these are the moments of weakness that you need to avoid, of course we all deserve a treat once in a while but if this is happening 3-4 times a week it’s really going to affect your progress.

You need to learn how to say no. I never said it was going to be easy, but just think back to that goal and then think will it be worth it?

Support System

Okay one more, leading on from the last one. Although will power is absolutely crucial you need to have a good support system in place. Your support could come from your family, friends, partner, personal trainer, work colleagues, anyone. Things are a lot tougher on your own.

So there we have some of the top habits that the SuperFit do day in day out.

Please comment below with your superfit habits that you do every day and think will help other readers.

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed writing it,

Jamie ‘SuperFit’ (I hope) Stedman

PS Last habit of the superfit, drinking loads of water. Ditch the fruit juices and fizzy drinks and just drink water!

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