Have You Tried It All?

When new clients come to me to help with their exercise and weight loss there’s a definite trend.
I go through a very similar protocol with all clients when I get them up and running/walking and I try and ask a few probing questions to really get to the bottom of why they want to start with me.
I try and delve a bit deeper than ‘to lose weight’ and really find out WHY, this WHY is usually a lot more powerful than losing weight. Something like ‘I want to lose weight to show an ex what they are missing’ now that’s a powerful WHY if ever I’ve heard one.
I also like to know what people have tried in the past and this is where the pattern emerges.
90% of people tell me that they’ve tried various gyms, bootcamps, diet clubs and effectively wasted their money by not going or just going for a bit.
With gyms especially (as wonderful as they are) there’s zero accountability. As long as you’re paying your direct debit they’re happy whether you come in or not.
That’s where my clients excel, yeah they have days when they cant be bothered to come in after a long day but they still do as it’s a fixed appointment and I’m there waiting for them vs just not showing up to a spin class.
Does it  cost more to train with me than a gym membership of course it does, but it’s worth a hell of a lot more than a gym membership you’re not using.
Whether it’s 1-1 training or small groups then I can get you started no matter what your current level is. I have groups for ‘newbies’, people with health problems, males, females, females who want to learn how to lift weights the lot!
You just have to fill in this quick and easy form:
So if you’ve tried everything else and haven’t quite found the magic formula then it’s time to try something else.
Jamie Stedman
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